About Us

Our Story

We Love Beer!  We just don't both drink beer...or 'real' beer that is.  That being said, we felt that we both deserved to have good beer.  It is our goal to make sure that all NA Beer drinkers have that opportunity to have a good beer, enjoy their beer and stay 'cool' drinking their beer. 

Because, our kids may not agree but we are pretty darn COOL!

The Crafters Themselves

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Graham Matheos


The brain trust behind One For The Road Brewing. Graham has been a non-alcoholic beer drinker for over ten years. As the craft beer industry exploded with an endless variety of new brews, the non-alcoholic beer selection remained boring, tasteless and was often not available at pubs or liquor stores. He saw no reason why active health conscious non-alcoholic beer drinkers couldn't enjoy the craft beer culture.

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Kevin Young


A lover of craft beers and fine wines but a relative newbie to the non-alcholic beer scene.  As an office worker with a busy familly he found it difficult to maintain his health and fitness so he turned to non-alcoholic beer.  The health and fitness benefits were obvious but the taste and selection of non-alcholic beer was a far cry from the double hopped IPA's he used to enjoy.  It didn't take much time for Kevin to jump on board to Graham's non-alcoholic craft beer vision.

Hold your horses...

We're getting closer.  We'll have some beer out soon for tasters and then for sale...we hope!  But we ain't gonna rush it.  There's already lots of bad NA Beer out there!